About Us

J.R. ABOGADOS, is a lawyers firm, established in Tenerife in 1999.  We assist companies and individuals who has local (in Spain) and juridical troubles, across Europe.

Our typical clients are headquartered in Europe and need to local and juridics solutions, and exercise administrative or financial controls in Spain and in the Canary Island.

Our special vision of ourselves and our work is the ‘legaltad’ (Somethig like ‘lawyalty’). A special commitment from loyalty and ethics of our profession beyond the merely chargeable, to light personal and professional excellence; orchestrating our guides of prudence, personal mastery, strategy, band Ethics, to provide excellent solutions to customers.

We collaborate with Alport® Management Services Limited, in economic, tax and financial matters.

Our preferred areas of work is the administrative, civil, commercial and procedural, in a bilingual in English and Spanish form, if clients need its; and possess a working knowledge from International experience to solve problems, preferently with negocial resolutión.



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